Season 1, Episode 1
Spencer's Cabin
Air date January 20, 2015
Written by Ali Bradford
Directed by Ali Bradford
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Pilot is the premier episode of Ali Bradford's fanfiction, Pretty Little Liars. It was written by Ali Bradford, and posted on January 15, 2015.


Main charactersEdit

  • Kaya Scodelario as Katherine Crawford
  • Nina Dobrev as Emma Johnson
  • Melissa Benoist as Lauren Hirschfield
  • Freya Mavor as Serena Ardley
  • Barbara Palvin as Cara Pierce

Supporting charactersEdit

  • Maia Mitchell as Mary Kirsch
  • Zac Efron as Max Levi
  • Blake Jenner as Ryder Chambers


The Summer of 2010Edit

It was a sunny day in Hempherwood, Oregon. Everybody was having fun, visiting the park, eating an ice cream, or just doing nothing at home. Hempherwood was labeled as 'the Perfect Town', with lots of reasons of course, for example the lovely climate, there were perfect temperatures during the whole year, never too hot or too cold. Another great example were the beautiful landscapes, a big, deep, and beautiful forest was surrounding the town, with the tall trees and the wild ones inside it. And, finally but no less important, Hempherwood's habitants: beautiful girls, handsome boys, confident adults, and lovely children.

But in every single herd, there's a leader, who always defines what's right and what's wrong. In Hempherwood's case, the major was Tom Crawford. A good-looking man, whose charm was hard to ignore, Though the man was 41 years-old, we was considered as one of the most attractive men alive. Those blue eyes, that well-built chest, and those strong abs were the best part of the man, and we can't forget that he knew how to treat a lady. He was like the Prince Charming in town.